Study Overview

Highway 35 north of the Highway 35/115 interchange is currently a two-lane rural undivided highway. This highway carries local, agricultural, commuter, tourist and commercial traffic and is considered to be both regionally and provincially significant. Highway 115 east of this interchange, and the combined Highway 35/115 south of the interchange, are currently four-lane divided highways. When completed, Highway 407 will intersect Highway 35/115 approximately 4km south of the current Highway 35/115 interchange.

In 2009, MTO obtained environmental clearance for a Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR) to four-lane Highway 35, not including the Highway 35/115 Interchange. This expansion plan has been designated in accordance with the Public Transportation Highway Improvement Act (PTHIA) as a future four-lane, controlled access highway.

The study requirements are to prepare the Preliminary Design and Class Environmental Assessment (EA) for the improvements to Highway 35/115 interchange, tie Highway 35/115 into approved Highway 35 improvements, rehabilitation/widening/replacement of bridges in the study area, addressing local access needs, drainage improvements and other related improvements in the study area.