Class Environmental Assessment

This Preliminary Design and Class EA Study will follow the approved environmental planning process for Group “B” projects under the Class Environmental Assessment for Provincial Transportation Facilities (2000).

The study will include two rounds of Public Information Centres (PICs). The purpose of the PICs is to provide opportunities for two-way communication about the existing conditions, generation of alternatives and next steps (PIC # 1); and at PIC # 2 the evaluation of the alternatives and the selection of the technically preferred alternative will be presented. Notices providing the time and location of the PICs will be published in local newspapers (Clarington This Week and Orono Weekly), mailed to stakeholders on the study contact list, and posted on this website.

Upon completion of the study, a Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR) will be prepared to document the existing conditions, study process and consultation conducted. The TESR will be made available for a public review, and a copy will be posted on the Study Documents section of this website.

Chart showing planning and design stages

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The project was initiated in Winter 2018 and study completion is anticipated in Summer 2019. The study schedule, which is subject to change is illustrated below.

Study schedule

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